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  6. 2020-08-26

    • Christian Kruse

      While I first avoided „The Great Pretender“ because it did sound boring, it actually is pretty funny 🤣

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    • Christian Kruse

      Wanna feel old? The babymetal artists are now over 20 years old…

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    • Christian Kruse

      I ran >5k km in 398 runs since I started tracking my runs back in 2015, with 1250 km in 2020. This quantified self movement thingy is really pretty interesting.

    • Christian Kruse

      It’s quite interesting to see how political the bands of my youth have been. A lot of the songs have a very political message and I only ever noticed it years later. For example today I was listening to Rage Against The Machine today, in a nostalgic mood and stumbled over this line:

      This time the bullet cold rocked ya
      A yellow ribbon instead of a swastika
      Nothin’ proper about ya propaganda
      Fools follow rules when the set commands ya

      This one is from „Bullet In The Head.“ Another line from „Just A Girl“ by No Doubt is this:

      ‘Cause I’m just a girl, oh, little old me
      Well, don’t let me out of your sight
      Oh, I’m just a girl, all pretty and petite
      So don’t let me have any rights

      And I can still remember the lyrics of a lot of these songs.

      What I actually want to say? That I am on a nostalgic trip.

  15. 2020-07-31

    • Christian Kruse

      When you find a bug in a very old piece of code, do you fix it (and possibly have to explain it to multiple people) or do you ignore it? 😜

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    • Christian Kruse

      TIL: Elixir’s!/2 has an option :trim_bom which removes the (optional) BOM from a file stream.

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  20. 2020-07-19

    • Christian Kruse

      I‘m thinking about publishing my workouts to my website. Granted, nobody is interested in my workouts, but for a quantified self thing it might be interesting

    • Christian Kruse

      The bad thing with a DIY website: when things go wrong you are to blame. The good thing: you can fix it when something goes wrong.

  21. 2020-07-15

    • Christian Kruse

      SwiftUI is not quite ready for prime time… everything is still rough, a lot of pieces are missing, things are bugged, documentation is… suboptimal.

    • Christian Kruse

      Creating a SwiftUI application to publish to my website is more work than expected. But I am still pretty motivated! 😜

  22. 2020-07-14

    • Christian Kruse

      Ok, seriously: why is it always old, white men being the biggest assholes on earth? When I was shopping this morning there was an old, white man standing directly in the entrance. When I politely asked him to step back so I could leave the building without getting to near to him he barely stepped back and laughed at me. Oh, and of course he wasn’t wearing a mask. I called him an asshole and he screamed after me, telling me how this is all a hoax and I’m an idiot for believing it.

      We do this social distancing and mask wearing shit mostly for people like him: old, overweight, male, probably high blood pressure - that’s a whole lot of risk factors for dying because of COVID-19. I am still angry about this.

    • Christian Kruse

      I found a new rabbit hole to fall into 😂 Just started a new iOS project using SwiftUI

  23. 2020-07-10

    • Christian Kruse

      This messenger thing gets out of hands. On my phone I have installed:

      • an email client
      • iMessage
      • WhatsApp (oh the peer pressure)
      • Signal
      • Threema
      • Slack
      • Riot

      On my desktop computer I also have installed an IRC client. And I refuse to use Facebook messenger, Snapchat and probably some additional messenger I never heard of. This is ridiculous.

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  25. 2020-07-02

    • Christian Kruse

      Software I miss for the Linux desktop:

      • a power user mail client like MailMate
      • a good graphical Git client like Tower
      • a software like Soulver or Numi (yes, I know about NaSC, but the project is Elementary-only project and seems dead)
      • a todo management software working and syncing between the desktop and my iPhone
  26. 2020-06-25

    • Christian Kruse

      TIL: there is an aggregate function mode() WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY sort_expression) in PostgreSQL. It returns the most frequent value of a group. So, for example when you have this table:

      CREATE TABLE foo (id serial, user_id integer, task_id integer);

      You can get the most frequent task ID for each user ID by using this aggregate function:

      SELECT user_id, mode() WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY task_id)
      FROM foo
      GROUP BY user_id;
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  28. 2020-06-11

    • Christian Kruse

      While I don’t need it (and thus don’t buy it): the PineTab is a pretty interesting device.

  29. 2020-06-10

    • Christian Kruse

      I’m hurt again. A torn muscle fiber. At least 4 weeks no running 😭💩

  30. 2020-06-09

    • Christian Kruse

      In reply to

      I’m seriously considering to switch again to a different distribution. Maybe back to Arch or something like that.

    • Christian Kruse

      I get why Canonical hypes Snaps that much. But seriously, why do they have to be so fucking slow to start? A simple application I already use for ages, Hexchat, now takes more than 20 seconds to start. It feels like being back on spinning disks again, and worse, even slower.

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