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This page contains random thoughts and impressions by me.

  1. 2018-08-15
  2. 2018-08-12
    Christian Kruse,

    EmacsCast: A journey into Emacs is a podcast of a programmer diving into Emacs. While I didn't listen to it, yet, I thought I should share it because there is not very much Emacs content out there. In the first episode he introduces hilself and explains why he, as a SublimeText user, dives into Emacs.


  3. Christian Kruse,

    After a pause of 14 days it is surprisingly easy to get back into running. 17,8km in 01:21:33, 04:35 per km 🏃

  4. 2018-08-11
  5. 2018-08-10
  6. 2018-05-14
    Christian Kruse,

    It's one of those days where I want to throw away ten years old code and just rewrite it…

  7. 2018-05-02
  8. 2018-04-15
    Christian Kruse,

    Quick tip: use gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface show-battery-percentage true to show the battery percentage.

  9. 2018-04-14
  10. 2018-04-12
  11. 2018-03-18
  12. 2018-02-24
    Christian Kruse,

    I hate running in the winter. The first 15 minutes it‘s fucking cold. Then up until about 10km its warm enough. Then for the rest of the run it is cold again. ❄️

  13. 2018-02-15
    Christian Kruse,

    I have started to work with React during the last few months. I have to say, I am really impressed how well everything works and how easy it is to create good, working UIs with it.

  14. 2018-02-10
    Christian Kruse,

    I understand now why so many users hate Windows 10... doing some support for relatives, fuck, this is unbearable. Windows seems to get worse every release.

  15. 2018-02-09
    Christian Kruse,

    Current status: BEAMing due to working with Erlang and Elixir (get it? Get it? BEAMing!)

  16. 2018-02-03
  17. 2018-01-29
  18. 2018-01-07
  19. 2017-12-31
    Christian Kruse,

    Resume for 2017: I ran about 1000km, lost 38kg, gained some muscles and had a lot of fun while trying to achieve this. A good year. 👍

  20. 2017-12-06
    Christian Kruse,

    A project I was working on the last couple of months finally hit production 😍

  21. 2017-12-02
  22. 2017-11-30
    Christian Kruse,

    Wow. According to this about 50% of the top 500 websites take up to 14 seconds to „get interactive” with 4s alone spend for parsing and compiling JS. That's insane.

  23. 2017-11-24
    Christian Kruse,

    How to pattern match on regular expressions in Elixir: %Regex{} = ~r/pattern/

  24. 2017-11-23
    Christian Kruse,

    Achievement unlocked: body weight (80kg) deep squat 🏋️✌️

  25. 2017-10-25
  26. 2017-10-17
    Christian Kruse,

    It's ridiculous that we are not able to make a disruption free phone call on a train in 2017. Call gets cancelled every few km…

  27. 2017-10-03