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    • Christian Kruse

      It’s fascinating to see how the Emacs vs Vi holy war is still a thing. I thought we had overcome that.

      In my opinion these holy wars are stupid. Emacs vs Vi, spaces vs tabs, Linux vs Windows vs OS X, etc, pp - its unproductive, silly and stupid. Use what suits your needs and let others use what suits their needs. Diversity is good!

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    • Christian Kruse

      In reply to

      In this article @chipotlecoyote writes

      Using iOS as your primary OS is like using desktop Linux.

      No, hear me out. See, Linux users don’t care how much easier we say it is in our non-Linux worlds. Sure, they say it’s because of open access and free as in scotch ale and yadda yadda yadda, but really? They like the challenge. Figuring out how to do what they used to do on a Mac or Windows PC is part of the allure.

      While, of course, I can’t speak for all Linux users I totally can say for myself: bullshit. he can’t be more wrong. A lot of things would be easier if I would use OS X, especially during my work time. I use Linux because of two reasons: it offers an overall benefit since as a developer a lot of things work better for me using Linux and it is libre software.

  8. 2016-07-29

    • Christian Kruse

      Most of this site’s content is english - but sometimes I want to write about a topic in German. To be able to do this I added a lang attribute to all of my content; is this, my dear reader, enough or should I add additional markup to warn and inform you of the language of the content?

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    • Christian Kruse

      Recently I read a very interesting article about the UK leaving the EU debacle. It is written in form of an e-mail dialogue between father (voting to leave despite being a left-wing) and son (voting to remain). He basically argues that the EU is a right-wing, neo-con construct in its very basic structures. A highlight:

      For me, the right-wing junta aspect of the EU is more important, but the effects of that are longer term. For the people I’m talking about, immigration was an immediate and important problem affecting jobs, housing and facilities, and it didn’t help that every time they tried to mention it they were automatically accused of racism. That’s what drives people into the arms of fascists; if you consistently won’t listen to what they say, they’ll find someone who will. The rise of the pan-European far right is entirely down to the EU.

      Totally a must-read!

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    • Christian Kruse

      In reply to

      You are right, a lot of players take an overly technical approach. And GNOME Music has a nice UI doing it differently. But on the other hand it’s missing key features like gapless playback and replay gain; heck, you can’t even change the music directory, it always looks into ~/Music.

      And IMHO you’re also missing the point about iTunes. It was not about the new music overview, this is great and I like it. It is about the missing sidebar, the mix-in between shop and your local music collection as well as Apple Music. These three problems make iTunes very hard to use, I am constantly looking for my music and am constantly confused about the navigation state.

  14. 2016-06-15

    • Christian Kruse

      The pipe of death:

      find . -name "*.flac" -type f -exec dirname "{}" \; | uniq | perl -lne 'print quotemeta' | xargs -I{} cp -rv "{}" ~/Desktop/flac

      „Find all directories with flac files in them and copy the found directories to ~/Desktop/flac

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    • Christian Kruse

      Interesting article about switching from OS X to Windows. I didn’t even know that there are people doing this. He says:

      I’ve been using Windows since February and not regretting it. As a professional, you use the tools you have to in order to complete the project to your client’s specifications. Therefore, most of you wouldn’t have a single problem making the switch. If you’re deeply embedded in Apple’s ecosystem with iCloud, iMessage and iEgo, I’m sure it will be a challenge, but not impossible.

      He seemed to be deeply frustrated with Apple and their ecosystem. He advises to switch while you still have your Mac hardware lying around; I can second that, it is much easier to switch if you have the possibility to say „fuck it, I have to get this done, I will check for a solution later“ when problems occur.

      I found this article via Jeena.

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    • Christian Kruse

      I think I will uninstall my Jabber client. Jabber seems to be dead nowadays. Didn’t communicate via Jabber for ages.

  26. 2016-04-28

    • Christian Kruse

      Everytime I have to work with Windows I’d like to change professions… this time: licensing. It would cost me round about 4k € to get licenses for a Windows server suitable to serve 30 users. 💩

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    • Christian Kruse

      Our hiking trip to the Black Forest was marvelous! We’ve been hiking 60 km with about 600 metres in altitude within two days, the sun was shining, the landscape was gorgeous and we had a lot of fun. We will be back!

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    • Christian Kruse

      Turns out: it is a bad idea to forget the WHERE in a trigger ;-)

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