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👋 Hi! I'm Christian

… and this is my personal website.

Life of Alfons is only available in German. I write about our life with Alfons, a male Labrador dog we got at 2021-10-4. He is deaf.


Christian Kruse,
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  3. 2023-02-24

    • Christian Kruse

      There is a love-hate relationship between Dialyzer and me. On the one hand it is really great when I find a bug because of it, but on the other hand… OMG is it sometimes hard to understand what the warnings mean.

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    • Christian Kruse

      When I was young I had so many ideas what software to write, but I didn't have the skills. And so most projects ended in the bin.

      Nowadays I have the skills but I lack the ideas, the motivation and the time.

      Getting old can really suck.

    • Christian Kruse

      Trying out the Helix editor. Interesting concepts, modern features, but it looks like the tutorial is outdated. Some key bindings don't work as advertised. For example according to the documentation the Alt-. key combo should repeat the last selection, but instead it creates a selection to some point in the buffer, I don't yet understand which one.