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Life of Alfons is only available in German. I write about our life with Alfons, a male Labrador dog we got at 2021-10-4. He is deaf.


Christian Kruse,
  1. 2023-10-24

    • Christian Kruse

      A pretty interesting article about gap buffers and ropes, two data structures to represent files in memory for an editor.

  2. 2023-09-21

  3. 2023-09-20

    • Christian Kruse

      Gaming seems horribly broken to me these days. Everything is packed with micro transactions, and everything is just a slot machine to get you going via a dopamin hit.

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  7. 2023-08-30

  8. 2023-08-28

    • Christian Kruse

      Haskell Researchers Announce Discovery of Industry Programmer Who Gives a Shit

      Hilarious article 🤣


      "We knew that there are precisely 38 people who give a shit about Haskell," said Van Der Linde, "because every Haskell-related reddit post gets exactly 38 upvotes. It's a pure, deterministic function of no arguments -- that is, the result is independent of what we actually announce. But there are only 37 of us on our mailing list, so we figured there was a lurker somewhere."

  9. 2023-08-27

    • Christian Kruse

      PC hardware disappoints me time and time again. I ordered a workstation for faster Rust build times. An i7 13700 with 16 cores and 24 threads, 64gb RAM and a 1tb Samsung 990 NVMe ssd.

      While the performance is better than I was hoping for, damn, this machine when used in a casual edit&recompile workflow is as loud as our Dell servers. Fucking hell, how is anyone able to work with this thing on your desk?!