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Welcome. On this page you can find my software projects, my articles, my notes and my pictures.

My name is Christian Kruse. I work as a software developer and system administator at Termitel GmbH. I live in Germany in a small town called Steinfurt.

I am passionate about software development, GNU/Linux, FLOSS as well as OS X. I am also a do-it-yourself apologetic: I did a lot of things in and around my house myself. I love the hacker culture. And last but not least I am a dog owner.

This is my personal replacement for Twitter, Facebook and the other data silos. My content is mine — so if you are interested in my activity, just have a look at this page.

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    Christian Kruse,

    The ScanSnap ix500 was for sure a really good invest. I scan every mail I receive and put the original into a file. I put the file onto the attic at the end of the year and done. If I need a document I just send the scanned version.

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    Christian Kruse,

    A repost of

    Bryan Lunduke talks in his new show with Barton George about Dell and their Linux Laptops (the developer lines). Interesting interview: he states that Dell has sold tens of millions’ dollars’ worth of Linux laptops.

    He also states that Dell has no intentions to deliver their laptops with other Distros other than Ubuntu. While I think this is sad I can understand it: it would be a lot of work to do that.