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Welcome. On this page you can find my software projects, my articles, my notes and my pictures.

My name is Christian Kruse. I work as a software developer and system administator at Termitel GmbH. I live in Germany in a small town called Steinfurt.

I am passionate about software development, GNU/Linux, FLOSS as well as OS X. I am also a do-it-yourself apologetic: I did a lot of things in and around my house myself. I love the hacker culture. And last but not least I am a dog owner.

This is my personal replacement for Twitter, Facebook and the other data silos. My content is mine — so if you are interested in my activity, just have a look at this page.

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  2. Christian Kruse,

    Interesting article about switching from OS X to Windows. I didn’t even know that there are people doing this. He says:

    I've been using Windows since February and not regretting it. As a professional, you use the tools you have to in order to complete the project to your client's specifications. Therefore, most of you wouldn't have a single problem making the switch. If you're deeply embedded in Apple's ecosystem with iCloud, iMessage and iEgo, I'm sure it will be a challenge, but not impossible.

    He seemed to be deeply frustrated with Apple and their ecosystem. He advises to switch while you still have your Mac hardware lying around; I can second that, it is much easier to switch if you have the possibility to say „fuck it, I have to get this done, I will check for a solution later“ when problems occur.

    I found this article via Jeena.

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