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Hi! I'm Chistian

… and this is my personal website.

Life of Alfons is only available in German. I write about our life with Alfons, a male Labrador dog we got at 2021-10-4. He is deaf.


Christian Kruse,
  1. 2022-08-15

    • Christian Kruse

      Delivering and receiving Emails in the modern internet is such a shit show. The big providers (looking at you, Google and Microsoft!) do their own shit, and the old protocols are at least inofficially deprecated. Just try to send a mail via SMTP using an Office365 account (e.g. because the customer uses Office365 for their mail). The admin has to manually enable SMTP for users, and then you have to implement shit like XOAUTH2. Sigh.

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  4. 2022-07-13

    • Christian Kruse
      A cup of coffee with milk

      A good thing about being home again? The coffee is good again…

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