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Welcome. On this page you can find my software projects, my articles, my notes and my pictures.

My name is Christian Kruse. I work as a software developer and system administator at Termitel GmbH. I live in Germany in a small town called Steinfurt.

I am passionate about software development, GNU/Linux, FLOSS as well as OS X. I am also a do-it-yourself apologetic: I did a lot of things in and around my house myself. I love the hacker culture. And last but not least I am a dog owner.

This is my personal replacement for Twitter, Facebook and the other data silos. My content is mine — so if you are interested in my activity, just have a look at this page.

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  1. 2018-08-15
  2. 2018-08-12
    Christian Kruse,

    EmacsCast: A journey into Emacs is a podcast of a programmer diving into Emacs. While I didn't listen to it, yet, I thought I should share it because there is not very much Emacs content out there. In the first episode he introduces hilself and explains why he, as a SublimeText user, dives into Emacs.


  3. Christian Kruse,

    After a pause of 14 days it is surprisingly easy to get back into running. 17,8km in 01:21:33, 04:35 per km 🏃

  4. 2018-08-11
  5. 2018-08-10
    Christian Kruse,

    This weekend I had my first real car accident. We were visiting my mother and brother in law. I parked my car on a hill, pulled the handbrake and we went inside their house.

    After 1½ hours one of their neighbors rang the door bell and asked if the car, that just right now rolled down the hill was ours. Shockingly it was. It parked fine for 1½ and then rolled down the hill directly into a fence. Gladly nobody was hurt...

    I suspect that after cooling down the brake lost adhesion.

  6. 2018-06-21
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