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    Christian Kruse,

    Does Google really do hiring tests like this? I can't belive it, this seems so dumb. The answers the guy gave have all been correct and the recruiter obviously didn't know anything about CS.

    If this is true that would explain a lot…

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  8. Christian Kruse,

    It is impressive how none of the shiny new iOS-macOS features work for me.

    • Handoff? Doesn't work at all, never has, neither synchronized tabs nor email nor accepting calls on my mac or the iPad.
    • Universal Clipboard? Doesn't work.
    • Unlock with watch? Doesn't work, I don't even get the box to enable it.

    I did the complete Apple dance more than once (disable/enable iCloud, disable/enable 2 factor authentication, reboot devices, etc, pp). And the worst of all: I am not able to debug that. How would I?

    Just works my ass.

  9. 2016-09-26
    Christian Kruse,

    That feeling when you compile a piece of code you have been working on for several hours for the first time...

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  18. Christian Kruse,

    Todays exercise: generate a PDF with the same contents as a website and send it by mail sigh

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    Christian Kruse,

    It's fascinating to see how the Emacs vs Vi holy war is still a thing. I thought we had overcome that.

    In my opinion these holy wars are stupid. Emacs vs Vi, spaces vs tabs, Linux vs Windows vs OS X, etc, pp - its unproductive, silly and stupid. Use what suits your needs and let others use what suits their needs. Diversity is good!

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    Christian Kruse,

    In reply to

    „Ich brauche Kaffee. Aber für Kaffee müsste ich aufstehen. Um aufzustehen, bräuchte ich Kaffee. Ich werde wohl hier sterben.” Dieses Gefühl ist mir wohl bekannt 😂

  24. 2016-08-04
    Christian Kruse,

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    In this article @chipotlecoyote writes

    Using iOS as your primary OS is like using desktop Linux.

    No, hear me out. See, Linux users don’t care how much easier we say it is in our non-Linux worlds. Sure, they say it’s because of open access and free as in scotch ale and yadda yadda yadda, but really? They like the challenge. Figuring out how to do what they used to do on a Mac or Windows PC is part of the allure.

    While, of course, I can't speak for all Linux users I totally can say for myself: bullshit. he can't be more wrong. A lot of things would be easier if I would use OS X, especially during my work time. I use Linux because of two reasons: it offers an overall benefit since as a developer a lot of things work better for me using Linux and it is libre software.