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    • Christian Kruse

      I dislike Twitter more and more these days. While „back in the old days” it has been a good source of information for me, it has become more and more kind of a „shit storm machine.” People just complain about other people. Maybe I should just uninstall my Twitter client and disable POSSE.

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    • Christian Kruse

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      You’ve got to getting used to lenses. The last few days I wasn’t able to see the computer screen clearly. And after trying and practising for round about 5 days today was the first day I was able to see the screen clearly 😀

    • Christian Kruse

      Today is the first day I can use contact lenses while working with the computer. Love it!

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    • Christian Kruse

      Modern version:

      There is no place like ::1.
      There is no place like ::1.
      There is no place like ::1.

    • Christian Kruse

      There is no place like
      There is no place like
      There is no place like

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    • Christian Kruse

      Interesting court case in which a German university violated a GPL term and distributed a GPL software without providing the source code or the license text itself.

      And this is why we need copyleft licenses. Stallman was right all the time.

    • Christian Kruse

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      They’re a non-profit organization. But that doesn’t matter, they are structured like a company with divisions and managers and so on. They have to pay wages.

    • Christian Kruse

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      Donations are hard. Hard to calculate with and hard to get. They never got enough donations to be able to exist without fundraising, and most of their money they earn by setting search engine defaults.

      I don’t think you can create a company based on donations.

    • Christian Kruse

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      I believe Mozilla is fighting for its life. They seem to fail very often and browser market share is shrinking as well. Probably they try to get a bigger user base and some funds.

      This is not backed by facts, just a gut feeling.

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    • Christian Kruse

      Really disappointing how bad OS X got in the latest releases. In my setup I get beachballs regularly; during these beachballs (round about 30s-60s) the complete UI is frozen. I’ve also got problems with my external monitor regularly. Currently I’m using Linux again because OS X is simply unusable in its current state.

  26. 2015-11-29

    • Christian Kruse

      Most tv series got boring after a few episodes. But Mr Robot? I’ve just been watching s1e9 and… wow.

    • Christian Kruse

      Wow. Mr Robot is definitely the best TV series I’ve been seeing for ages.