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Christian Kruse
A twitter screenshot with one guy asking why IT guys are such dicks and the other guy answering „Last week I drove two hours to push the power button on a server that three seperate people assured me was already on“

Yesterday published this picture, and this reminded me of a similiar experience I made. A few years ago we were hosting several servers in the office, and due to a power loss everything was turned off. I remotely instructed a coworker to check if the servers are powered on. He confirmed that everything is on again. I insisted on checking again, and they even asked a technician from another company in the neighborhood to check if the servers are turned on. And both confirmed, yes, they are powered on.

So I had to drive about 2 hours to the office, and when I arrived imagine my surprise when I noticed that two of the servers weren't powered on. I pushed the button, drank a coffee and drove home again.

No in retrospective I can laugh about that, but when it happened I was pretty angry 😝