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Note #300

Christian Kruse

For my Emacs using friends: this is an interesting article about a possible Org workflow. The author seems to use Org-mode for about a year and describes the features he can't live without:

I'm writing this short guide in an effort to introduce the features in org-mode which I've found I can't live without. I'll go over how I use org-mode, and it's powerful built-in summary/calendar view known as org-agenda, in both my work and in my hobby projects. I also include some details about how everything was implemented, or at the very least provide the reader with references to understand my code. This guide is only an introduction to my workflow and is by no means self-contained!

I read these descriptions with curiosity, I often take a thing or two out of them I didn't know before. For example last week I learned about the org-agenda-follow-mode, a true piece of heaven!