Note 223

Christian Kruse

Recently I read a very interesting article about the UK leaving the EU debacle. It is written in form of an e-mail dialogue between father (voting to leave despite being a left-wing) and son (voting to remain). He basically argues that the EU is a right-wing, neo-con construct in its very basic structures. A highlight:

For me, the right-wing junta aspect of the EU is more important, but the effects of that are longer term. For the people I’m talking about, immigration was an immediate and important problem affecting jobs, housing and facilities, and it didn’t help that every time they tried to mention it they were automatically accused of racism. That’s what drives people into the arms of fascists; if you consistently won’t listen to what they say, they’ll find someone who will. The rise of the pan-European far right is entirely down to the EU.

Totally a must-read!