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Blogging with Emacs

Christian Kruse,

I'm a really lazy guy. I hate everything I have to do more than once and I hate everything I can't do in my normal work space.

Writing blog posts fulfills both criteria: I have to do several tasks manually for each blog post I compose (e.g. upload the images I reference in the post) and I have to switch to the browser, open the web page of the admin interface. And I have to deal with the crappy text area field for the content. This may sound ridiculous, but I really hate this. It feels like blogging in the nineties.

So I thought how I can make this process easier and more automated. The first thing that came to my mind: why not using Emacs? I already use it all the day, and blogging via a simple key stroke would really be great. I knew about org2blog, but since I use a home-grown blogging software this solution is too wordpress specific. I needed something for my own software and something that uses Markdown: I like Markdown much more for writing.

Picture of a blog post with Emacs

Well, nothing easier than that: I wrote a little Ruby script which takes the posting content, looks for images, uploads them and publishes the post afterwards. Now I can post to my blog via a simple shortcut. Heureka!