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Bug necromancers

Christian Kruse,

The last two weeks I got two mails about bug reports that I submitted or participated in in 2004. The first one is a feature request for Kate, an text editor for KDE. I requested to be able to fold by the often-used VIm and Emacs folding markers, as Kate invented their own. This finally has been implemented now 10 years after requesting it. Yay!

The second one is a bug report for Firefox. For documents coded in ISO-8859-1 Firefox sent (I don't know if this is stil the case, as today in the age of Unicode and UTF-8 it is a no-issue for me) text entered by the user in a weird mixture of Unicode escape sequences and Windows-1252 coded text, despite the accept-charset attribute. This clearly is silly as you won't be able to reliably reconstruct the text a user enters. This bug has been marked as "WONTFIX". Hm, would be interesting to check what today's behaviour is, but on the other hand… just use UTF-8, NN4 and IE<6 aren't around anymore. This bug report has been around for ten years as well.

I'm really amused that now, after 10 years, they've been closed, one even with a fix ;)