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Christian Kruse,

I struggle with RSI or tendinitis or something like that (never went to a doctor since there is no way to deal with it). That means that I quickly suffer pain in my hands when using standard keyboards. When using „ergonomic“ keyboards (the name is sometimes worth just a laughter) like the Microsoft Ergonomic 4000 keyboard it is ok most of the time, but when my hands are cold or when I work for a long time on the keybard the pain appears as well. Thus I've been looking for alternatives. While things like the Kinesis truely ergonomic keyboard and the Maltron keyboard may be good for my hands, the costs are really extensive. The Maltron keyboard is available for about 700€ and the Kinesis is available for about 400€ as well.

While I'm willing to spend that money to get less pain in my hands, I stumbled upon another alternative: the ErgoDox. This is an FOSS-Keyboard (meaning that the hardware layout as well as the firmware is available under a FOSS license), it is split (very good for the hands) and it has an ergonomic layout. And the best of all: it is available for round about 200€. Yay!

ErgoDox keyboard halfway finished

You can get it at Massdrop as a DIY kit.

ErgoDox keyboard halfway finished

Currently I use a QWERTY layout on it, but since I have to re-learn typing either way I think I will switch to DVORAK. According to Xah Lee DVORAK can weaken the impact of RSI symptoms a lot.

ErgoDox keyboard finished

I will report back as soon as I re-learned and have some experiences with it.