ejabberd: fixing the pubsub problem

Christian Kruse

After an update of ejabberd I got some very strange errors:

<pre>=ERROR REPORT==== 2013-11-11 09:50:38 ===E(&lt;0.583.0&gt;:mod_pubsub:3863) : transaction return internal error: {aborted, {bad_type, {pubsub_state, {{[], “pubsub.defunct.ch”, []}, 23}, 23,[], owner, []}}}</pre></code><p> And loads of them, for each virtual host I’m hosting. The reason seems to be a changed mnesia table strcuture with a bug in checking for the old version after an upgrade: the table structure didn’t get updated for me or failed to get updated, who knows.</p><p> The only way to get rid of this error I could find was dropping the table through the web admin interface. After a restart the table gets re-created. Don’t worry about losing data: the pubsub module doesn’t work with this corrupted table…</p>