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The Great Sexism Debate: men are animals?

Christian Kruse,

There is a great sexism debate taking place in Germany. It all started by a politician saying something sexist to a female reporter.

While I don't really want to say a lot about sexism against women (I think we men should stop talking and listen), I want to say one thing. People (both, men and women) say it again and again, and it makes me really angry: This is how men are. They are libidinous, they cannot act different. You have to deal with it.

Listen to me and repeat: This is bullshit!

We are human. As humans, we've got a brain to use it and think. We are not animals, we don't have to obey our drives. We learned not to piss and shit into every corner, we learned to control our eating drive. Of course men can control the sex drive.

And as a white male, I tell you one thing: I feel offended by this bullshit. I am perfectly able to control my sex drive. This is nothing more than a lame excuse. So shut up and learn to control yourself!