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Find project file with fuzzy matching in Emacs

Christian Kruse,

One feature I really liked in Textmate and Sublime Text 2 was the ability to fuzzy-find a file in a project. For example in Sublime Text 2 you hit Ctrl+P and a small box opens where you can enter a string and the editor searches for files which fuzzy-match the input string. You can navigate very fast and easily to files with this feature. I want it for Emacs, too!

And since Emacs is the greatest editor on earth, there already exists such a module: Simp.el :-) Install it via Marmelade and with some easy tweeks it works like in Sublime Text 2:

(require 'simp)

(simp-project-define '(:has (.git) :ignore (tmp coverage log vendor .git public/system public/assets)))

(global-set-key [(control p)] 'simp-project-find-file)

Yay :-)