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Switzerland - A Résumé

Christian Kruse,

I'm somewhat sorry. After a few months in Switzerland I simply didn't manage it to write a blog entry. This, of course, has a reason. Things happened so fast, that I could't really catch up. Now slowly everything begins to get more normal.

The first time in Switzerland I had to deal with strong homesickness. I really missed Lüdinghausen, I really missed my family and my friends. This doesn't mean that I haven't felt comfortable in Möhlin and Switzerland. It's really nice, I like it and I'm very comfortable with living here. But it simply wasn't home. Now, after a couple of months, this begins to change. I begin to feel home and I no longer miss Lüdinghausen so much. We met new people, the new hackerspace and the hackers are great. I work with interesting and nice people. It's more and more home.

In matters of job: I changed my employer and am now working for as a department chief (together with another colleague) for Spar mit! Reisen. It's both fullfilling and very exhausting.

As you can see - things are working well for us. You will definitely hear more often from me in the future :-)