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Wayne goes international, new weblog software

Christian Kruse,

Wayne Goes International

I know, it was very quiet for such a time now. This was because I promised myself to stop blogging until I finished my new weblog software. Well, it is finished now :-) More later.

I will write my blog postings in english now. This has two reasons: first of all I want to practise my english again (such as Jeena). I didn't use english for a long time, so I forgot so fucking much… This annoys me! So feel free to correct me, any help is appreciated.

The second reason is because I am working only on english projects the last months. To reach the people I met there it is simply necessary to switch the language to english.

New Weblog Software

The new weblog software I'm using is called „Burp”. I wrote it in Ruby, but w/o Rails :-) I used a self-written framework with ActiveRecord. It's released under the MIT License, an open source license, so feel free to copy it.

It's still not very convenient (well, much more convenient than my old Block software), but I will enhance it in the next weeks whenever there is spare time.