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Fitness: First Part: Getting Fit Again

Christian Kruse,

I'm writing this post because I got several requests because of my training activities the last couple of months. „Why do you do this?” they ask. Well, the answer is more ore less complex:

When I was younger I used to be keen on sports. I learned Karate and Judo for about 10 years and did sports at least 3 times a week. I used to drive to school (8km one way) by bicycle, every day. Then I left school and I started the „real life” and a day to day job. Spare time began to get rare. This is the moment where I completely stopped sports. The consequences are well known: I began to get fat (slowly, but definitely visible) and I got unathletic (short-breathed, fast-sweatening, etc, pp). It got harder for me to concentrate on things, „getting into flow” got harder and harder. This really annoyed me and one and a half month ago enough was enough.

I completely changed my lifestyle. I stopped drinking alcohol, I stopped eating any fast food, I try to avoid hydrates and I began to only eat fruit, vegetables and small portions of lean meat. I began training (jogging, mostly, but also biking). The first week wars very hard. I always had the feeling that something is missing and I was always kind of hungry. Not really hungry, but, you know, kind of missing something. My stomach was just not satisfied.

But it started to get easier every day. After the first week my genera well-being felt increased. I could concentrate easier and it was easier to find the the flow-feeling. I reduced weight and my endurance strengthened. I'm no longer tired so often. I simply began to feel well. It's a really good feeling :-)

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the cause why I wanna get fit and start sports again :-)