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Classic Forum 4.0: The complete rewrite

Christian Kruse,

The last couple of weeks have been very busy for me. Nonetheless we (Christian Seiler, Alexander Nitch and me) managed to have a, well, sort of developer chat for the Classic Forum. Since the development process has been stale for about four years, we now have the desire to restart development. But the development process should change a little bit. While in the past I made nearly all decisions more or less alone, we now choose a more democratic way of project management and open the project much more. Decisions are made in public with a fast non-bureaucratic poll if necessary. There also is a Google group free for everyone to join the development process. The source code has moved to Github so everyone can view what happens (and what doesn't ;-) and join the development process (just fork the project, make some changes and send a pull request or open a ticket).

And since the code has grown in many ways, the first decision we made for the 4.0 release is to completely rewrite the project. You can review the (short) protocol at Github.

Well. 'nough said. Join us if you are interested!