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Beware Of Xenophobia!

Christian Kruse,

I always hear, one should not hate foreigners, be open-minded, don't prejudice them, etc, pp. Well, in fact, xenophobia can be found in foreigners, too. We (my wife and I) going to emigrate to Switzerland, and in preparation for that I read a lot about Switzerland and the Swiss. I also read, that the Swiss hate the Germans and they don't want us to live in Switzerland. This may be or not, but when I read this something changed in my mind. I got scared of becoming a victim of xenophobia and I didn't like to emigrate any longer.

Today I got a mail as a response of an application for a flat, saying that they'll check other competitors, too, before they can eventually give us the flat. My first thought was „This surely is because I'm german, he (the author) is xenophobe!” My second thought was „WTF? You don't know him, why do you think that? It's simply fair to check all competitors!”

As the foreigner in this case I can say, yes, xenophobia can be found on both sides and one should truly free his mind from shit like that!